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Camp Logistics
It's been a long time since you went to camp... what's it like again?

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Camp Cascade Dave is at a large private chateau in Vancouver, WA. Camp is all-day Saturday August 6th, but you're welcome to arrive Friday evening for an extra night of fun! There are enough beds for everyone! 

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What does grown-up camp look like? Competition, tournaments, crafts, kegs, lots of food, campfires, smores, games, celebration, lots of laughs and certainly not acting our age! And maybe a talent show??

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Why camp themed?

Because why not? Summer Camp is great! Plus maybe you've realized you won't have many chances left to prove to your friends that you're better than they are in tug-of-war, or balloon toss, or the 3-legged race?

Who Can Party Like Us? Nobody!

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